Fencing Needs for a Business

Fencing Needs for a Business

The fencing needs for a business are usually different than for residential areas.  Security is usually the number one concern when it comes to any business, especially if it is in an area where the light is dim or non-existent and there are not many people around after closing, as happens with many businesses in industrial areas.

So looks are not as important as strength and height, both of which make a fence very secure according to fencing contractors. However, if your business is one where many customers must come to, then looks may be important. People like to do business in a pleasant, tidy place that welcomes them. A huge fence with a roll of razor wire along the top is not the kind of place they would feel welcome in since it would most likely make them think of a gaol.

Such a fence can be expected in an industrial area, but many businesses are found in residential areas or even the CBD, so they need a fence that looks good while still providing a good level of security. There are several types of fences that look good while still keeping out trespassers.

  • Steel post fences that have a concrete footing so trespassers can’t dig under them or climb over.
  • Chain link or wire mesh fences that have some kind of top that prevents anyone climbing over them.
  • Steel panels that have no toehold on their slippery surface and also provide privacy.
  • Traditional paling fences with a pointed top on each paling offer good security, especially if they are fixed securely to steel rails.

One thing that must be watched for is the gate. Unless it too, is secure, with a strong lock and hinges, it will be a weak point where trespassers may be able to get it. Often, gates are not even as high as the fence and they don’t reach the ground, making them easy to get over, under – or through if they also have weak hinges or locks.

Before you start constructing a fence, it is important to check with the council for the rules and regulations in your area. Most good contractors know what they are, but it is also good to make sure nothing has changed since the last time they checked. Sometimes certain areas are changed from one zone to another, e.g. from industrial to residential, which means the regulations also change.

Having the right kind of fence for your business will give you peace of mind that it can be kept safe from vandals and thieves, thus reducing your costs. It will also keep your business safe from the possibility of litigation if anyone should come onto your property unwittingly and be hurt while they are there.